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Property searches are all about location. Until now, prospects needed to take a detour to find their perfect location. Yet, state-of-the-art technology is already capable of processing available location data to compare different regions and to find the perfect location according to individual criteria - putting the user’s needs in the center of attention.

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Boost the user experience of your real estate portal


Highly precise location analytics, as results are based on travel-time


High-performance routing engine delivers quick results


Open, relevant and transparent data


User-friendly and easy-to-access services


Enable prospects to find the perfect location without looking at a single listing.

Prospect want to make a weighted decision regarding the potential place of residence, considering various factors such as the environment, travel times to points of interest, transport connection, surrounding neighborhoods, and many others.

Help them to answer questions like:

"Which areas in Paris have the best access to public transport?"

Move the prospect’s needs into the center of attention.

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