Define catchments by distance and more

You can now also make the size of locations dependent on data

October 11th, 2022

Define catchment by distance

On top of creating travel-time catchments, you can now define distance-based catchments. Whether you have partners can only operate within a specific distance or you have electric vehicles with limited distance, this feature will help you find define your reachable area within a predefined distance. 

To use this feature, just create or edit a catchment and click on "distance".


Location marker

To quickly visualise which location has the highest population within its catchment, the highest revenue prediction or the highest sales data for the past month, we have now introduced a new feature called "Location marker". You will find it in the top right corner of the TargomoLOOP.

When the Location marker is enabled, you will see a halo around each location. You can select the data you want this halo to represent: the number of restaurants within each location's catchment, the number of employees of each location, the sales data of each location, the GEO-AI prediction of each location and so on. The larger the halo, the higher the value.


Prediction tab

For GEO-AI project, we have now added a breakdown of the data taking part in the prediction directly below the prediction.