Which data is included? How can I add my own data sets? 

Which data is included in TargmoLOOP? 

For selected countries, we include open source sociodemographic data and Points of Interest data from OpenStreetMap. In premium plans, we also offer footfall or temporary visitor data, and purchasing power statistics.

We are constantly integrating new data and countries into our platform. Enterprise customers can currently choose to access data about Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, for example. We will soon add more countries to TargmoLOOP, such as data about France, the UK, and Switzerland. Other country data are available upon request.


How can I add my own data? 

Any user can upload a list of locations. Check this help page for details.

If you want to upload your own statistical data sets, please contact us. We are happy to set you up with a custom plan where you have access to more features and uploading functionalities. 


Can Targomo help me find more relevant datasets and integrate them? 

Yes, we are happy to help you find and integrate relevant data set. We collaborate closely with data providers across the world and can integrate third-party data sets, such as spending power or granular sociodemographic data sets.