What other features and services do you offer?

Customized features enable users to run revenue predictions, assortment optimizations and competitive analysis

In addition to the free features which are available via our self-sign-up, Targomo also offer a range of advanced functionalities. 

With the help of proprietary business data, Targomo enables customers to: 

  • Predict revenue: We identify the factors that drive the performance of your locations. Use these insights to predict sales of potentially new locations, and replicate your successes across the network. 
  • Optimize the assortment: Boost sales by adapting your assortment to local tastes. Consumer profiles and spending power data allows for a targeted approach to market products locally. 
  • Analyze the competition: With the help of gravitational models, anticipate how competitors and your own network will affect visitor numbers and overall performance. Identify locations with the most potential and determine whether and how relocation will improve your market penetration. 

These three services use machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to uncover relationships invisible to the human eye. Big data analytics allows users to gain new insights about how certain factors, such as spending power or the vicinity to other shops, impact revenue. These features, as well as other options, such as on-premises management of data, are in addition to TargomoLOOP and require a customized setup. 

The best way to get to know our full feature set is to set up a call with our sales team. They are happy to show you our full product portfolio and can help you identify your opportunities.

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