The score in Targomo LOOP

The score is here to help you compare locations. But how does it work?


Let's imagine you have created a project with

  • 1 catchment: 30 minutes by car
  • 2 data: the number of medical practitioners and the number of inhabitants over 50 years old 

When you set up the score, you will need to provide 2 key informations:

  • First, a "reference location". By default, this location will have a score of 100. To compute the score for other locations, we will first need to find out what are the factors that we need to take into account to normalise the data to a score of 100
  • Second, weights to be given to each data. If you think all data are equally important, you should give them an equal weight of 1. If you think a data is particularly important to your location, then you can double its weight to 2 or 3. Our team will help you set the weights.

Score calculation from the reference location

Let's assume our reference location has 18 medical practitioners and 11000 people over 50 in its catchment area. To compute the score, we first need to find by which factor we need to multiply 18 and 11000 so that we end up with a sub-score of 100 for each data. We call this step normalisation:
  • 100/18 = 5.55555555556
  • 100/11000 = 0.00909090909

Let's also assume that the number of medical practitioners is twice as important as the number people over 50 in the catchment area. In this case, we would give a weight of 2 to "medical practitioners" POIs and a weight of 1 to the statistic "people over 50". This means we will multiply the sub-score  for "medical practitioners" by 2, to increase its weight. And in the end, we will divide by 3 in the end, which is the sum of all weights.

Mathematically, the formula to compute the score of the reference location is therefore:

[(number of "medical practitioners in the catchment"*5.55555555556)*2 + (number of "people over 50 in the catchment"*0.00909090909)*1] / 3

So with our reference location, the calculation would be: [(18*5.55555555556)*2 + (11000*0.00909090909)*1] / 3 = 300 / 3 = 100.

Of course, 100 score for the reference location is expected.

Score calculation for any location

Now let's assume that we received an offer for a new location that has 12 medical practitioners and 11500 people over 50 in the catchment area. The score for this location would then be: 

[(12*5.55555555556)*2 + (11500*0.00909090909)*1] / 3 = 79.29

To compute the score of a location, we simply need to replace the data in the formula. Another example:

If another location has 19 medical practitioners and 14000 people over 50 in its catchment area, its score will be 

[(19*5.55555555556)*2 + (14000*0.00909090909)*1] / 3 = 112.79

A final note

The score can be very sensible to the data selected, the size of the catchment and the weights given to each data. We therefore advise you to speak to one of our team member to help you set up the score. You can get in touch at, or simply reach out to your contact at Targomo.