How to add Points of Interests (POI) to your catchment

Can I analyze the number of services around my location? Can I see how many healthcare services there are around my location within a 20 minutes bike catchment?

Yes, you can. There is an extensive list of Points of Interest (POI) categories you can choose from. Here is how to include them in your analysis:

  • Click on the location that you would like to analyze to access the Absolute Results view
  • Click on the Settings button on the top, or the Add more catchment configurations button at the bottom of the left bar.


  • Once you click one of the aforementioned buttons, the settings page will appear. Here you will see your active catchment configurations on the left-hand side.
  • Click the Points of Interest button under the catchment that is configured to 20 minutes bike.


  • Click on the + sign on the healthcare and pharmacies cards to add these POI categories to the catchment
  • If you'd like to remove a category from the Included list, hover over the circle with the Checked sign and then click the X-sign that appears.

For Pro and Enterprise customers:

  • If you want to exclude a custom POI group from the Included list, hover on the circle with the Checked sign and then click on the X-sign that appears.
  • By clicking on Delete of a customer category that is shown in the Included list, the category is no longer available. You need to re-create the category, using the POI custom group button