How to get started?

Follow these four steps – from adding a location to selecting data – to analyze your locations.

1 - Add a location

  • Type an address in the top left field. Or zoom in on the map, click on it and choose Analyse.

1 - Add a location

2 - Select data 

  • Click the Wheel icon behind "Default Catchment" to open the settings menu and select Statistical Data
  • In the pop up menu, click on any of the + signs to add that data variable, or click the expand arrow to individually select data items. 
  • Select up to three data variables at once.

2 - Select data

3 – Visualise data set 

  • Click on "Show on map" when hovering over any of the rows in the table on the left to display that particular statistic on the map.
  • If no data is displayed, make sure to toggle "Statistical Data" in the top right menu to ON.

3 – Visualize data set

4 – Change travel mode 

  • Change the current catchment setting by clicking on the edit icon (pencil) next to the catchment name in the top right box called "Visualisations on the map".
  • Add a new catchment by clicking on the drop-down menu in that same box and selecting "New Catchment".

4 – Change travel mode-1

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