How to rank and score locations, using customized weights

Adjust the weights of data and reachable places, and rank locations.

If you're looking for suitable locations, this feature helps you quickly identify which sites best match your requirements. You can rank locations by assigning weights to criteria most relevant to you.

Before you start:

  • Save a couple of locations, for example a list of addresses you've received from your real estate broker, or a list of locations that you think might be suited for your business
  • Select some data variables and reachable places you're interested in

Step 1: Adjust weights


  • Go the Menu in the top left corner and choose Settings
  • Pick Score Weighting and then adjust the weights according to your requirements
  • If a specific statistic or Points of Interest group is important for your business, give that variable a higher value on the right hand side of the page.
  • If you think that certain statistics or Reachable Places category could rather harm than benefit your business, set the first variable to Less is better. For example: If you want to avoid areas with fast food restaurants at all costs, set the first variable to Less is better and set Importance to a high value.  
  • If an item should be ignored in the ranking, set it to 0.
  • When you're done, close the Settings menu

Step 2: View rank and score



  • Click on a single location on the map and then click the tab Network Benchmark
  • You can see the rank and score: In the example above My Location C ranks 2nd and scores 60
  • Below the rank and score you can see the individual values or scores for each metric. The higher the score for a data item, the better that location meets your criteria as set in step 1. The scores are based to values between 0 and 100.
  • Example: For the metric Fast Food, the score is 12, because from Location C a high number of fast food restaurants can be reached and the weight is negative. Visually, it is shown by the red-colored bar in on the right side. (If the weight would have been positive, the bar's color would have been green.)
  • For each metric, the score is calculated using this formula: (absolute value - min)/(max - min). It is then rounded to the lowest integer. For Fast Food in the example above, the absolute value of 38 is 87.5% of the possible range between the maximum of 42 and the minimum of 10 of six locations. As the weighting is set to "less is better" this results in a score of 100 - 87.5 = 12.5, meaning 12. (If the weight would have been positive, the score would have been 87.)
  • Click on See all locations to view all of them in Table View
  • In the table, click on the up or down arrows next to Rank or Score to order the locations by highest or lowest rank/score

You have now successfully identified the best sites that meet your requirements!

Try it yourself and start analyzing:

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