How to use categories in LOOP

Categories will help you distinguish between your own locations and brands, and competitors

What are categories for?

In TargomoLOOP, you will find two types of categories: "My Network" categories and "Competitor" categories.

As their names indicate it, one is used to list your own location network; in the other, you can list your competitors.

They have fundamentally different behaviours:

Category type My Network My Competitors
Use Add your own brands and locations to be able to analyse them in depth Add your competitors, mainly to understand their cannibalisation effect 
Do locations in these categories cannibalise other locations? Yes Yes
Can I analyse these locations? Yes Only partially - no cannibalised results will be displayed and these locations cannot be compared
How many locations can I create for each category type? Defined by your LOOP plan 10 times as many as "My Network"

Create new categories

By default, there will be 2 categories in LOOP. However, you can create more. To do so, simply hit "Create new category" when creating a new location or head to the Settings


Manage categories

To edit or delete categories, go to the settings and click on the Categories tab