Reachable Places: Analyze Points of Interest

Visualize and analyze Points of Interest on the map

Visualize and analyze Points of Interest on the map

  • Information about Points of Interest (POIs) is located on the left-hand side menu in the Absolute Results tab in the section Reachable Places.
  • After having selected a couple of categories, the menu shows the absolute values of these groups.
  • Click on Show to display a pie chart, representing the number of POI categories as a percentage of the total within the selected catchment area.
  • If you click on a POI category in the menu or on the pie chart, that category will be highlighted on the map
  • Can't see any reachable places on the map? Check if you have ticked the box POI on map in the top-right corner.
  • If you want to analyze a bigger area, change the Reachability settings in the top right menu

Analyze location categories as Points of Interest

It is also possible to analyze categories of locations as Points of Interest. Any category that you have created, whether manually or by uploading location data, is shown as a POI category.

The big benefit of this feature: You can analyze the attractiveness of an area by analyzing specific location categories, for example, different types of fashion stores and specific POIs.

This analysis can be done for almost any region and country around the world, because TargomoLOOP offers POI data for the whole globe and you can create or upload locations from every country. 

Example: Finding fashion shoppers who favor premium brands


  • The picture above shows several location categories, being different type of fashion stores. We have selected the as POI categories and are therefore visible on the right in the column Included.
  • Assumption: We are interested in areas visited by fashion shoppers, who especially care about premium brands. These consumer tend to avoid budget fashion stores. We have created a weighting profile reflecting these facts, as shown in the image below.
  • Categories that create a positive impact, such as existing premium fashion stores, get a positive, high weight because these shops attract the type of visitors we are interested in. The category budget attracts the type of people we are not interested in, so the impact is negative and with a relatively high weight.

Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 17.13.17

  • We have created a category of potential locations.
  • Based on the weighting settings, we can rank these potential locations and find the most attractive ones that score highest on our criteria. The image below shows the results

Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 17.13.46