Select, edit and delete multiple locations at once

You can now select multiple locations, making it faster to delete or edit them all in a few clicks

September 13th, 2021

Up until now, editing locations category categories or deleting locations in LOOP could only be done on an individual basis. But in many cases, it is not one but several locations whose category you may need to change at once or even delete. That's why in the latest update of LOOP, you will be able to select multiple locations at once and change their category or delete them, saving precious time.

How it works

On the table, you can select multiple locations. Two options will appear at the top left of the table. Here's how to edit locations category:

Here's how to delete several locations:


Multiselection shortcut, on the Map

We all love shortcuts. So here's one you may want to try: CTRL + click on a location on the Map (CMD + click if you are on Mac). You will be able to select multiple locations, directly from the map and then edit or delete them.